Lha Charity – Mcleod Ganj, India

During April and May 2015 my wife Alex and I lived in McLeod Ganj and spent some time with the wonderful Tibetan community there. These people, some of which have become our friends, made a brave and sometimes desperate decision to leave the friends and family they love in order to escape the terror and persecution many still face in Chinese ruled Tibet. First hand we have learned much about the plight of these peace loving Tibetans and feel compelled to help raise awareness regarding the shocking injustices they face and to help preserve their threatened culture. We truly believe there are values upheld within Tibetan culture that the entire world can learn a great deal from yet every day China tries to crush their spirit and bury their identity.

During our time in McLeod Ganj we had the honour of working for a fantastic charity called Lha. Lha is a sacred Tibetan word that means an awakened state of mind and alludes to the fundamental nature of goodness. They provide social work, education and healthcare as well as running a soup kitchen for Tibetan refugees and other low income families from the surrounding Himalayas. We have seen how successful the language courses and English tutoring classes are at providing much needed confidence to all the students who attend. Without charities such as Lha Tibetan refugees would struggle to integrate into Indian society and have little or no hope of gaining the skills they desperately need to begin a new life in exile.

To say thank you to Lha for all the amazing work they do and the opportunities they have given us we will donate 10% of all profits made from the sale of any Thangka paintings. We will also continue to support the Tibetan refugees by buying art from them at a fair price.

There are a couple of links below if you are interested to find out more about Lha and the Tibetan cause.


For so many reasons we can’t recommend McLeod Ganj highly enough as a place to visit. It has changed our lives in the best possible way and the surroundings are almost as beautiful as the people.


Lha Facebook page

Lha You Tube video