Framed Madhubani Painting – Tree of Life with Animals (monochrome) 335mm x 580mm


Original hand painted Madhubani art work from Bihar, North-East India. Naggar Valley‘s limited collection of Madhubani paintings have been sourced from unknown female artists who live in small villages and support their families with the sales of their paintings. As per tradition the painting is unsigned however its authenticity and charm is undeniable.

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This is an original hand drawn Madhubani art work from Bihar, North-East India.

It is painted on hand made paper using natural charcoal pigments to create a beautiful monochrome design. The image size is 130mm x 370mm. Total size with frame – 335mm x 580mm.

This incredibly striking painting is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The distressed finish adds an aged feel which compliments the art work perfectly.


A popular subject in Mahubani paintings, the Tree of Life is the giver of shelter, shade, food and peace to all who rest in its branches or underneath it’s canopy.

This painting depicts several creatures who often feature in Mithila artwork. The fish symbolise community, the elephant strength, wealth and knowledge and the peacocks represent love.

With all this wonderful life and meaningful imagery occurring in one scene it’s impossible not to love this piece.

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