Framed Madhubani Painting – Wedding Procession (multi-coloured) 610mm x 520mm


Original hand painted Madhubani art work from Bihar, North-East India. Naggar Valley‘s limited collection of Madhubani paintings have been sourced from unknown female artists who live in small villages and support their families with the sales of their paintings. As per tradition the paintings are unsigned however their authenticity and charm is undeniable.

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This is a trio of original hand drawn Madhubani art works from Bihar, North-East India.

They are painted on hand made paper with pen and ink in bold colours and have a naive charm. Individual image sizes are 275mm x 90mm. Total size with frame – 520mm x 610mm.

This enchanting art work is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The aged finish compliments it perfectly.


The wedding procession shows a musician, the wedding couple and a flower bearer during the wedding ceremony. Hindu marriages are a loud and spectacular affair which  involve music and dancing through the streets of the village or city to announce the union of two families. The images in this painting are a common theme for the kohbar ghar (nuptial chamber) where the paintings were created on the walls of family homes for the bride and groom during their four day ceremony.  Traditionally the newly weds would spend three nights in the kohbar ghar without cohabiting. On the fourth night they would consummate their marriage surrounded by these colourful murals.

This stunning and meaningful piece would make the perfect wedding gift or anniversary present.




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