Framed Miniature Postcard Art – Elephant and Warriors 300mm x 250mm


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This is an original miniature art work from Rajasthan, India. It has been hand painted on a vintage postcard which adds a subtle layer of intriguing detail to this very intricate and beautiful image.

The scene depicts a warrior riding on an elephant and another warrior walking in front wielding a javelin. The image size is approximately 125mm x 84mm. Total size with frame – 300mm x 250mm.

The detail in this miniature painting is fantastic. It was painted using a brush made with one or two hairs from the tail of local squirrel. (No squirrel was harmed in the making, please read our ‘About Miniature Paintings’ page for a fun story about their important roll in Rajasthan’s miniature painting scene.)

This enchanting art work is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The aged finish compliments it perfectly.




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