We have now sold this Thangka however commissions are available, please click image for details.


This beautiful hand painted Tibetan Thangka has now been sold.

It is possible however for us to commission the same artist who created it to paint another piece in the same design.

Every Thangka we sell is painted by hand so no two are ever identical. This indeed is part of their authentic charm.

If you would like us to commission a piece we can however assure you that the design, image size and colours used along with the incredible attention to detail will be completely in keeping with the painting depicted here.

If you would like some more information or would like us to commission a piece of art in a particular design please get in touch via the details on our contacts page.

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Here are the details of the sold painting:

Buddha’s Enlightenment

This piece is painted on cotton canvas in green and white with many fine details finished in real silver, image size – 500mm x 400mm. Overall framed dimension – 745mm x 635mm.

This striking painting is presented in a bespoke white wooden frame. The painted finish of the moulding allows a few subtle grains of the wood to show through resulting in a softness which compliments the art work perfectly. The carefully selected silver mount looks elegant alongside the real silver-leaf embellishments which are truly stunning.

This work is a masterpiece which took months to paint. The intricacy of the details and shading make this painting an absolute joy to behold.


When Siddhartha realized that he was not reaching his goal, liberation, he gave up the ascetic way of life and turned to meditation, deciding to seek enlightenment on his own.

After six years of hardship and practising near Nairanjana River, he began to travel and gradually came to the region of Gaya. Siddhartha went to Bodhgaya, where he sat under what was later to be known as the Bodhi-tree, vowing to exert himself in his meditation until he reached his goal of enlightenment.

After forty-nine days, at the age of thirty-five, Prince Siddhartha attained complete enlightenment, or Buddhahood, overcoming all the obscurations and temptations of Mara.

At this point, Siddhartha became a Buddha, a fully awakened or enlightened one, and he knew that for him, there would be no further rebirth in samsaric realms.


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