SOLD – Path to Enlightenment (brown, green, blue and gold) 520mm x 430mm


This beautiful hand painted Tibetan Thangka has now been sold.

It is possible however for us to commission the same artist who created it to paint another piece in the same design.

Every Thangka we sell is painted by hand so no two are ever identical. This indeed is part of their authentic charm.

If you would like us to commission a piece we can however assure you that the design, image size and colours used along with the incredible attention to detail will be completely in keeping with the painting depicted here.

If you would like some more information or would like us to commission a piece of art in a particular design please get in touch via the details on our contacts page.

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This hand painted Tibetan Thangka is now sold.

This piece is painted on cotton canvas with natural colours of brown, green, blue and gold, image size – 330mm x 250mm. Total size with frame – 520mm x 430mm.

This striking painting is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The distressed finish adds an aged feel which compliments the art work perfectly.


A deeply symbolic Thangka, the texts from which this illustration are taken require a long period of deep study to fully understand. In brief, this is the interpretation of the various symbols:

  1. The Path – the way to complete control of one’s mind, each bend represents one of the six powers: hearing, contemplation, mindfulness, alertness, effort, and familiarity.
  2. The Elephant – consciousness
  3. The Monkey – mental agitation
  4. The Rabbit – Fluctuations of the mind
  5. The Stick to control the elephant – alertness
  6. The Rope in the monk’s hand – mindfulness

The five objects or causes of mental agitation are:

  1. The Silk Scarf – touch
  2. Peaches – taste
  3. Water in a conch – scent
  4. Cymbals – sound
  5. A Mirror – form

The fires represent the struggle for control which is reduced through familiarity. After the final stage (in the cave), bliss and ecstasy are reached using the realization of the Wisdom of Emptiness to banish ignorance.



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