Madhubani Painting – Sun Mandala (orange, brown, olive, yellow) 360mm x 120mm


Original hand painted Madhubani art work from Bihar, North-East India. Naggar Valley‘s limited collection of Madhubani paintings have been sourced from unknown female artists who live in small villages and support their families with the sales of their paintings. As per tradition the painting is unsigned however its authenticity and charm is undeniable.

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This is an original hand drawn Madhubani art work from Bihar, North-East India.

It is painted on hand made paper using a combination of natural pigments and ink to create a beautiful, colouful design. The paper has been traditionally treated with buffalo dung giving an earthy warmth to the background.   The image size is 360mm x 120mm.

This art work is currently unframed. We have a wide selection of beautiful mouldings to choose from that will compliment this wonderful Madhubani painting. If you would like this piece framed by Naggar Valley, please contact us for options and prices.

Madhubani paintings often illustrate stories of rituals, customs and everyday life in the ancient Mithila region. This piece is typical in it’s depiction of the sun with villagers, cows and elephants surrounding it. The sun is revered for its gift of light, warmth and energy to the community.

A wonderful naive artwork with symbolic meaning.





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