Hand-spun Pure Pashmina Shawl (Wheat germ colour with diamond weave)


We buy all of our woollen products from local weavers and fair trade co-operatives. Naggar Valley believe in paying a fair price for our products thus supporting local communities and families.

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This is a pure Pashmina shawl measuring 2040 x 1050 mm.  Pashmina is known to be the softest and warmest of all wools. It is delicate, luxurious and although fine and light it has incredible insulation properties compared to other wools.

The wool comes from the Changthangi or Pashmina goat, which is a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Pashmina shawls are hand spun, woven and embroidered in Nepal and Kashmir, and made from fine cashmere fibre.



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