Tibetan Thangka Painting – Green Tara (gold, deep green, blue and yellow) 380mm x 280mm


Original hand painted Thangka created by Tibetan refugees. Naggar Valley donates 10% of all profits generated from sales of Thangka paintings to Lha charity in McLeod Ganj, India. For more information regarding the wonderful work that Lha do please visit our About Lha Charity page.

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This is a beautiful unique hand painted Tibetan Thangka.

It is painted on cotton canvas with rich gold, deep green, blue and yellow, image size – 380mm x 280mm.


In Buddhism, Tara (Sanskrit, “star”) is a savior-goddess especially popular in Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. In Tibet, where Tara is the most important deity, she is known as the mother of all Buddhas, her name is Sgrol-ma, meaning “she who saves.” The mantra of Tara (om tare tuttare ture svaha) is the second most common mantra heard in Tibet, after the mantra of Chenrezi (om mani padme hum).

Tara has 21 major forms, each of which has a different colour and spiritual attribute. Of these 21 forms, Green Tara is attributed to enlightened activity and abundance. She is known as a compassionate being, depicted in a posture of ease and readiness of action, ready to step down from her lotus throne to offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings.

According to Buddhist tradition, Tara was born out of the tears of compassion of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. It is said that he wept as he looked upon the world of suffering beings, and his tears formed a lake in which a lotus sprung up. When the lotus opened, the goddess Tara was revealed.

A similar tradition has White Tara born from the tears of Avalokiteshvara’s left eye and the Green Tara born from those of his right. In a third legend, Tara was born from a beam of blue light emanating from one of the eyes of Avalokiteshvara. Tara is also the consort of Avalokiteshvara.

Green Tara, with her half-open lotus, represents the night, and White Tara, with her lotus in full bloom, symbolizes the day. Green Tara embodies virtuous activity while White Tara displays serenity and grace. Together, the Green and White Taras symbolize the unending compassion of the goddess who labours day and night to relieve suffering.





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