Tibetan Thangka Painting – Manjushri with Gyalpo Pehar and Shakyamuni (black and white) 320mm x 240mm


Original hand painted Thangka created by Tibetan refugees. Naggar Valley donates 10% of all profits generated from sales of Thangka paintings to Lha charity in McLeod Ganj, India. For more information regarding the wonderful work that Lha do please visit our About Lha Charity page.

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This is a beautiful unique hand painted Tibetan Thangka.

It is painted on cotton canvas in striking black and white, image size – 320mm x 240mm.

This art work is currently unframed. We have a wide selection of beautiful mouldings to choose from that will compliment this wonderful Thangka. If you would like this piece framed by Naggar Valley, please contact us for options and prices.



Manjushri represents transcendent wisdom, the mind’s innate capacity to see the true nature of reality. Manjushri appears twice in this painting, he is depicted as a youth, representing purity and innocence. In the centre image he holds a sword in his right hand, which symbolizes his ability to cut through delusion. In his left hand, he holds a book, the Perfection of Wisdom teachings, which contains the teachings on emptiness.

In the bottom right corner of the painting he is shown with his hands in the Vitarka position. This symbolises intellectual argument and discussion. The circle formed by the thumb and index finger is the sign of the ‘Wheel of Law’.

Gyalpo Pehar    

In the bottom left corner of the painting is an image of Gyalpo Pehar, Oracle God of the Dalai Lama, he was originally a bitter arch-enemy of the Tibetans. According to Tibetan Buddhist myth, Gyalpo Pehar is a spirit belonging to the gyalpo class. When Padmasambhava arrived in Tibet in the eighth century, he subdued all gyalpo spirits and put them under control of Gyalpo Pehar, who promised not to harm any sentient beings and was made the chief guardian spirit of Samye (a Buddhist monastery in Tibet)  built at that time. Some Tibetans believe that the protector of Samye sometimes enters the body of a medium (called the “Dharma Lord of Samye”) and acts as an oracle.


In the top right corner of the painting is an image of Shakyamuni. Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha who gained enlightenment beneath the bodhi tree 2500 years ago in India, the embodiment of wisdom, compassion and energy. His mantra is “om muni muni maha muni shakyamuni shah”.

Also known as Siddhartha and Gautama Buddha he is the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism. All the Dharma teachings flow from the Buddha and from his teaching the Sangha or spiritual community arises.

The detail in this hand painted Thangka is absolutely stunning and the contrasting black and white make for a very striking image.


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