Framed Tibetan Thangka – Shakyamuni with Two Disciples (natural stone – brown, orange, deep pink, gold) 710mm x 565mm


Original hand painted Thangka created by Tibetan refugees. Naggar Valley donates 10% of all profits generated from sales of Thangka paintings to Lha charity in McLeod Ganj, India. For more information regarding the wonderful work that Lha do please visit our About Lha Charity page.

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This is a beautiful unique hand painted Tibetan Thangka.

It is painted on cotton canvas with rich brown, orange, deep pink, gold, image size – 480mm x 355mm. Total size with frame – 710mm x 565mm.

This striking painting is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The distressed finish adds an aged feel which compliments the art work perfectly.

Painted in rich natural colours derived from minerals and stone the level of detail in this image is incredible. Finished using real gold this painting is truly a joy to behold.


Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha who gained enlightenment beneath the bodhi tree 2500 years ago in India, the embodiment of wisdom, compassion and energy. His mantra is “om muni muni maha muni shakyamuni shah”.

Also known as Siddhartha and Gautama Buddha he is the historical Buddha and founder of Buddhism. All the Dharma teachings flow from the Buddha and from his teaching the Sangha or spiritual community arises.

Also in this image are his two great disciples, Shariputra and Maudgalyayana, who are famous for their intellectual and mystical powers respectively. Shariputra is on the left and Maudgalyayana on his right. These two disciples were said to have been born on the same day.

The large figure of Shakyamuni sits cross-legged, making the earth-witness gesture and holding a monk’s bowl. He is seated on a moon disc placed above a multicoloured lotus.


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