SOLD – Shadakshari Lokeshva (brown, teal, green, pink and gold) 710mm x 545mm


This beautiful hand painted Tibetan Thangka has now been sold.

It is possible however for us to commission the same artist who created it to paint another piece in the same design.

Every Thangka we sell is painted by hand so no two are ever identical. This indeed is part of their authentic charm.

If you would like us to commission a piece we can however assure you that the design, image size and colours used along with the incredible attention to detail will be completely in keeping with the painting depicted here.

If you would like some more information or would like us to commission a piece of art in a particular design please get in touch via the details on our contacts page.

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This hand painted Tibetan Thangka is now sold.

It is painted on cotton canvas with natural colours of brown, teal, green, pink and  gold.  Image size – 510mm x 360mm. Total size with frame – 710mm x 545mm.

This striking painting is presented in a bespoke dark wooden frame. The distressed finish adds an aged feel which compliments the art work perfectly.

Painted in rich natural colours derived from minerals and stone the level of detail in this image is incredible. Finished using real gold this painting is truly a joy to behold.


Shadakshari Lokeshvara is one of the forms of Avalokiteshvara, the patron boddhisattva of Tibet. He is believed to be the embodiment of the mystic Buddhist mantra of the six syllables Om Mani Padme Hum, the expression of the deepest essence of Avalokiteshvara.

Shadakshari Lokeshvara is mostly depicted as seated in diamond position on a moon disk on a lotus in his paradise. The complexion of the bodhisattva is white. Shadakshari Lokeshvara has a smiling expression as he is filled with compassion for all beings. His two eyes look down with tranquility, as he feels equal compassion for all. Shadakshari Lokeshvara has four arms. His central hands are held in front of his heart, holding the magic wish-granting gem Cintamani, which stands for the spirit of enlightenment that consists of love and wisdom. His right hand holds a rosary, a sign that he draws forth beings from phenomenal existence. His left hand holds a lotus flower, a sign that he serves living beings but is free from attachment. An antelope skin is over his left shoulder, with the antelope’s head on his left breast, which symbolizes his compassion. Shadakshari Lokeshvara is extremely richly dressed, which indicates that while pure he has not abandoned material things.


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